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Midwifing Greatness

A leader is the business Prime Mover strategically responsible for direction, speed of execution, size of load, communication and alignment.


Great leaders know that they are leading two kinds of people in the organization; those who work for a paycheck and those who work for a mission. They then acknowledge that their biggest role is to transform as many people as possible to become missionaries rather than ‘mercenaries’ at the workplace. The greatest influence of employee productivity is leadership behaviour which, as a primary soft skill, accounts for about 85% in overall team synergy and productivity.

A leader can also be compared to a hen who lovingly shares her warmth to hatch the unlimited ability potentially in the shell. A leader is a midwife - a mentor, coach and a powerful enabler of the leadership potential in his people.

Our Process of Engagement

We know that a misdiagnosis leads to the wrong prescription, and are keen to ensure:
Life Wheel

The Voyage (The Journey)

This module dwells on how to keep within course of the Rebranded Mind through:
  • Personal Inspiration
  • Pursuit of Authentic Knowledge
  • Maintaining Self Discipline
  • Eective Time Management
  • Nurturing Moral Intelligence

The purpose or long-term perspective of leadership is to birth and nurture more leaders. Great leaders know that great organizations are consequences of great people hence their deliberate and strategic focus on developing people. However, the greatest challenge they face in this mission is employee disengagement.