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The Wow Customer Experience

Organizations, irrespective of the nature of their business, exist to provide life solutions to humanity. They are ‘doctors’ who offer life-saving ‘vaccines’ to uplift humanity. This means that if either the organizations or employees are not doing it with their ‘hearts’, they are then denying humanity better living.

Stay Ahead of the pack

Every employee ought to take customer experience personally. Why? As an employee, all my financial needs are met by the customer. My entire lifestyle – food, clothing, utilities, education, logistics – are financed by the customer.

The employer has no money except that which the customer willingly parts with as an exchange for service rendered or goods sold. The employer is only the pipeline that delivers the water (salary) but the customer is the river (real source). You can be excused for being casual with the pipeline (employer) which can be repaired, but if the river is depleted your very life is at stake.

Stay Ahead of the pack

If employees can internalize this, they can then wake up to the realization that they do not serve the employers customers but the very ‘source and sustenance of my very life’.

STEAM – The Wow Customer Experience Modules

  1. Internalizing the Big Picture in Customer Experience
  2. Understanding the 21st Century Customer Behaviour and Expectations
  3. The Heart of The Wow Customer Experience
  4. Characteristics of a Mission Driven Service Culture
  5. Emotional Intelligence for The Wow Experience
  6. Heart to Heart Communication
  7. Professional and Business Etiquette